Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair intends to make this event a supportive, nonthreatening, and safe environment. There will be zero tolerance for oppressive behavior, including racism, misogyny, queer/transphobia. We want this event to be accessible to all parties who are genuinely interested and we want to welcome engaged participation from such folks. If you experience harassment, abuse, assault, or any other kind of violation during the bookfair, or if someone who has engaged in such behavior is adversely affecting your participation at the bookfair, or if you need support for any other reason, please come to a bookfair collective member, some of whom you will meet at the welcome table.

The ACAB 2018 De-escalation Crew has been put into place to help create and maintain safer spaces during the bookfair. This entails protecting event spaces from potential external threats (police, fascists), as well as intervening in conflict that emerges on an individual level, if needed. While we take seriously the creation of spaces for us a anti-authoritarians that operate on a non-hierarchical and anti-oppression basis, and we are committed to facilitating that kind of engagement by all who come to the events, we are also prison and police abolitionists who practice forms of transformative justice. Therefore, we support, first and foremost, people deciding how they want to resolve any conflict they are involved in, and we only want to get involved upon request for issues that affect the ability of people to have safer experiences at the bookfair.

Measures have been taken to safeguard the locations of events to undercut the possibility of unwanted participation from far right trolls and other potential threats. While the organizing crew finds it somewhat unlikely that these characters will show their faces, steps have been taken to arrange presences at all the events to bottom-line the removal of individuals, foregrounding de-escalation tactics.

One of the preventative measure we are taking is instituting a policy banning recording, photos, video at any bookfair location. Please respect this to help promote the safety of all participants. There will be stickers handed out to cover the cameras on your phones to clear up any discrepancies. If you see anyone trying to record, please remind them of this policy, if you see anyone maliciously recording please alert a member of the bookfair crew.

If you have any questions about this agreement, please feel free to approach anyone at the welcome table and we will do our best to answer any questions!

Let’s get each other’s backs and help make this event as enjoyable as we can for all our comrades!

Love and solidarity,